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Long Careers in Long Island’s Offshore Wind

Where are all the jobs in New England’s energy sector? They’re out where the energy is harvested, in coal plants and oil burners and nuclear power stations. They’re far removed from the big cities where people want to live, from New York or Boston, places where the space to fit such power stations just doesn’t exist. And if the jobs are out there, then so are the people. 

For communities that are lagging behind in demographics or in diversity, lagging in a cultural respect, they need a way to invite new people with their own perspectives and ideas to help keep their communities relevant in a broader degree of recognition. These communities need a booster to keep them alive as the world progresses towards a more shared and global way of sharing. They need innovation. Innovation like sustainable energy dependence.

For Long Island and its many, historic and storied communities, there’s no option to build into the power industry. All the land is private and maintained. There’s no chance of putting up a power plant that brings pollution or the drastic scare of a nuclear powered accident. And as bright and cheerful as the neighborhoods may be, it’s not that sunny all year long. One day of rain or cloudy hour is enough to make solar power undependable. But there is a source of all natural power just waiting for young minds to exploit it: the wind.

As culture progresses and inclusivity and diversity take a front stage to rising developments, new ideas must be tested to help us push away from the old standards that can’t be maintained. New ideas like offshore wind – placing wind turbines in high-wind areas over the water, where there is no land to disturb the wind passing by or dampen its power. Offshore wind is one of the most efficient types of sustainable energy. Even just the change from 12mph to 15mph doubles the energy production of a standard turbine, and these speeds are the norm out on the waves off Long Island.

But why Long Island? There’s no better place. It has an established community focused on innovation and high scale production. It is also a place that could use a substantial boost to a developing cultural community. Energy, whether produced by the wind or by coal, needs to travel in the same electric lines. The turbines need construction and management. The power companies need to be able to sell this energy to consumers in order to compete with the established markets. 

This is a futuristic solution, rapidly approaching a modern, attainable reality. It needs those minds that have been trained to think about the future of themselves and the planet to properly manage it and deliver it to a larger scope of others. A diverse and distinct team of people will be able to connect with far more demographics. New York is the melting pot of the US, with dozens of different cultures interconnecting from around the world. And one thing that can bring them together is a cheaper energy bill, one sign of a stronger local economy.

Local energy is always cheaper to roll out and manage than imported energy, which currently accounts for most of Long Island’s energy consumption. Having a local source, produced and staffed by brand new locals with a united ideal set on green energy futures is how Long Island can have a long future. Offering long-term careers to hard workers to set this up is the next step of Long Island’s plan for a more diverse, and powerful community.

Long Island’s Next Windfall: How Offshore Wind Will Lead to a New Energy Sector

The world is segueing into green energy solutions amid the many crises at hand where fossil fuels are not stacking up. The hardest hit is the every day consumer, with rocketing gas prices that have people dreading their time at the pumps more than ever. And even as electric vehicles become more mass produced and mainstream, the solution to power them still requires the creation of energy using the same means of burning fuels. Not every place on Earth gets the consistent sunshine needed to make solar a viable solution, like in Long Island where the winters are dark and cold, exactly when people need light and heat the most. 

But there is another solution. Instead of burning gas, we can depend on the gaseous air we already have present that blows through our hair. But that raises another concern: where to put windmills? Power generating windmills are huge, and the facilities to draw power from them need to be woven into existing infrastructure. Not to mention there are some unnatural wind blockers in New York’s skyline that keep the breeze from flowing. But off Long Island’s coast, there are no buildings, just wide open space and high winds. 

Offshore wind energy is already a solution that’s in development with several major power stations under development to turn the open ocean into a source of power. Long Island has an expansive coastline to take advantage of. These wind turbines won’t be in the way of any oceangoing traffic, and will provide clean and efficient energy at all times of the year, more reliably than solar could in this northerly part of the country. 

And that’s going to mean cheaper energy all around. More energy solutions on the grid means more competition. New Yorkers from the city and all along the coast will have the most immediate access to this new power source which can work even in the winter. It’ll lead to less overall petroleum products used in energy which can then be used for powering cars instead, to lighten the constant burden that’s present at gas stations across the state. 

These offshore turbines will need crews to maintain them, regular checkups and surveillance as well as power station staff to distribute the collected power to the appropriate places. New power solutions means new energy sector job openings, and the closer the headquarters the better. Long Island can be set up to host any number of offshore wind companies to take advantage of the owned ocean real estate. The green energy subsidies can even improve the housing market, making it more affordable for people to expand eastward out of the city and into the Long Island suburbs, leading to a bigger and healthier economy.

New energy, new projects, new jobs; an era of new for the old countryside along the shores. That’s what offshore wind farms can offer. The detractors will raise points about spoiling the natural beauty, that looking out along the coast just to see some windmills might ruin their enjoyment of the coast. But it’s a long coast, and a wide open ocean. The power that comes from wind farms is far more of a raise to the land’s value than the appearance. And it’s not just above the water where wind matters, but below. As installations are planned, the option for tidal power – turbines powered by the constant push and pull of the ocean water – also opens up. 

As we reach for energy independence, and a break from fossil fuels, we need look no further than the wind to guide us.

That Meetball Place: For all Your Meatball Cravings

With its expansive history, Long Island has a large smattering of cuisines that have taken root in the area. And since it’s extremely popular with tourists, it’s obvious that the island would be filled with restaurants of so many varieties one can hardly keep count.

There’s seafood, Caribbean, Greek, and Italian. There’s food for everyone, no matter your preference. You’ll even find increasingly popular establishments centered around one dish which have popped up all over Long Island, from mussels and lobsters to pasta or even rum.

And one such quaint little place is That Meetball Place, where all your meatball dreams come true. Who would’ve imagined that we would one day get an entire restaurant focused solely on meatballs?

But one thing is to be sure; it doesn’t disappoint. The place has taken a familiar site at family dinners and runs with the theme of providing a comfortable, pleasant environment where you can relax and have a good time. As their motto says, it’s ‘ a place to meet and have a ball.’

Here are three reasons you should visit:

The rustic aesthetic

Keeping their central dish in mind, the owners have done a good job of turning the restaurant into a place that brings lively families and rowdy friends into mind. The place embodies a rustic aesthetic with an airy environment and exposed brick walls. Their Patchogue location, in particular, boasts a wall made of reclaimed wood from a Pennsylvanian barn.

Add to that the long communal wooden tables, live music, and cheerful atmosphere give off a bare feeling. It becomes the place where you would want to go back even if the food wasn’t amazing. The environment is probably Meetball Place’s biggest charm.

The very good meatballs

Obviously. What good is a meatball’s place if the meatballs aren’t out of this world? It puts a funky spin on the family’s favorite dish. The extensive menu offers tender, juicy meatballs in several flavors paired with various tantalizing sauces ranging from creamy mushroom to spicy Asian. These are served with sides of your choosing, including the traditional pasta or a fancy French baguette.

And that’s not the only thing. The restaurant also has other dishes to choose from; there are fresh salads and new specials every day. They also have an admirably large selection of alcohol and, keeping true to their themes, have more beers than they do wines. There are even vegetarian and gluten-free options. All in all, you’ll be sure to leave with a satisfied palate.

The many events

You’ll never be bored no matter the day of the week. From brunch parties and live music to their “not your boss’ happy hour” weekly Friday event and even an upcoming psychic and paint night, it’s sure to surprise you every day of the week.

It’s a wonderful establishment with excellent service, television, and room for private parties. Having a four-star rating on to boot, you will not want to miss it!

Tremaine Wright — Life and Career

Tremaine Wright is the Chairwoman of the NY State Cannabis Control Board, and she formerly served in the capacity of a member of the New York State Assembly. This article will explore her life and career as a woman who made a difference in the world around her.

Through her hard work and determination, Tremaine Wright has created a huge impact on her family and neighborhood. After graduating from college, she had to choose between pursuing law school and getting a doctoral degree. 

“I decided that law school would give me more career options, and I definitely was right about that. So much of what I learned at UChicago– inside the classroom and outside of it– has shaped everything I’ve done since then,” she said.

Graduating from Law School

After achieving her first milestone of graduating from law school, Tremaine joined the Paul Hastings law firm in Manhattan. This allowed her to return to the neighborhood where she grew up, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and still lives to date.

Within a few years of working at Paul Hastings, she was appointed as a member of the area’s community board, the municipal entity responsible for advising government agencies and elected officials.

Tremaine remained an integral part of the board for 14 years and represented her community as part of the district. Her time at Paul Hastings taught her many valuable lessons, including familiarizing her with the tech sector that is still helping her with her job today.  

Election to the State Assembly

Wright left Paul Hastings to join Skadden Arps, where she worked till 2009. While working at Skadden, she ventured into a new business and started a coffee shop named Common Grounds. She continued her business operation for 10 years until she was elected to the State Assembly.

“Common Grounds wasn’t just a name, it was a principle,” she recalls. “We provided an intersection for every element of local society, we stood for social justice and community empowerment, we helped people in need, and we became the stable hub around which a whole business area blossomed.” 

After becoming a part of the State Assembly, she chaired the Puerto Rican, Black, Hispanic, and Asian Legislative Caucus. As we all know, “Unity is Strength” as part of a group, Tremaine was able to influence state legislation and even affect practices and policies in jurisdictions within her state. 

Using her position, Tremaine initiated important activities. “My office has a big, broad mandate, and there are so many things we hope to do to empower and support people throughout the state for brighter financial futures. Every day of doing this is a source of great happiness for me.”

Chair of the Cannabis Control Board

When State Senator Velmanette Montgomery announced Tremaine as her successor in New York’s 25th State Senate district, Wright entered the race but lost to Brisport’s 13-point lead in 2020.

In September 2021, Tremaine was appointed to the Office of Cannabis Management’s Cannabis Control Board chair. Her responsibilities include formulating tax and regulatory policies regarding the medical and adult use of cannabis in the state of New York.

A Review of the Long Island Association

The Long Island Association, also known as LIA, is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that works towards developing the business community. Since the association is Long Island’s chamber of commerce, it aims to build a brighter future for Long Island through economic development and regional leadership.

The Role of LIA in Economic Growth

This non-profit business organization works at the grass-root level to engage policymakers and address important issues that impact the growth and vitality of Long Island. In addition, the association uses strong networking skills to encourage and promote the growth of different businesses within the region.

Formed in 1926, LIA has strived for the progress and stability of Long Island’s economy and business community. The association focuses on specific elements to achieve its overall goals. 

Here are a few focus areas that LIA supports and encourages through its endeavors.

  • Sustaining business growth and operations has been challenging for owners following the pandemic. LIA constantly makes efforts to revive the economy and extend support to businesses so they may mitigate any negative impact of the pandemic.
  • Small businesses make up to 90% of all businesses on Long Island. Therefore, LIA encourages their growth in hopes of boosting the overall economy.
  • Any business is as strong as its workforce. Hence, to attract and retain young professionals, LIA supports policies that address basic concerns of affordability. 
  • Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of LIA, which can be seen from the cross-section of the association’s stakeholders. All the efforts made by the organization are for the benefit of the people, irrespective of any differences between them.
  • An economy can boom only if it has the basic infrastructure required for growth. Realizing the importance of structure, LIA encourages the modernization of roads, public transit networks, bridges, broadband, sewer, and water systems.
  • As the business world is engulfed by modern technology and innovation, LIA actively uses its research and development resources to propose creative solutions to pressing problems.
  • Last but not least, LIA plays an integral role in developing clean energy to reduce Long Island’s carbon footprint and safeguard the environment.

Accomplishments of LIA

After working for almost a century, LIA has brought about many positive changes for Long Island’s community. If we look at their accomplishments over the past ten years, the association has successfully secured more than $7.5 billion for the region’s economic development.

In addition, their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic are commendable, considering that LIA came through as a leader in securing relief for businesses that were adversely affected during the time.

Current Focus Areas

LIA currently has eight strategic committees that further the mission of the association. These include:

  • Economic development and infrastructure committee
  • Energy and environment committee
  • Financial services and tax policy committee
  • Health, education, and not-for-profit committee
  • Manufacturing and trade committee
  • Off-shore wind committee
  • Small and mid-sized business committee
  • Young professionals committee

Final Word

The Long Island Association has played an important role in leading and unifying the region to promote economic growth. They have improved the overall business climate in the region and strived to make Long Island an ideal place to live and work.

Why You Should Plan Your Next Trip With “Discover Long Island”

When planning a visit to a new city, it can be confusing for most people to figure out which places are worth exploring. Before traveling, there’s so much to contemplate, from deciding between lodging options, travel routes, and things to do.

What if there’s an easier way of traveling to the Long Islands? Discover Long Island is an online platform with all the information you need to plan your trip successfully! Let’s explore more about this service and what makes it a good travel partner.

What is Discover Long Island?

Discover Long Island is basically the region’s official destination marketing organization. It aims to promote tourism and invite visitors to appreciate nature’s beauty within Long Island and its scenic destinations.

The organization’s purpose is to highlight Long Island’s quality of life, booming industries, and exciting destination offerings at a global level. By painting a true picture of this region, the organization hopes to encourage economic development by increasing visitors to this world-class destination.

How can you plan a trip with Discover Long Island?

Discover Long Island offers an online platform to visitors around the world where they can access all the resources required for planning a trip to Long Island, New York. 

Here are a few ways Discover Long Island can help you plan your next trip.

  • You can explore lodging options that suit your needs and budget. From bed and breakfasts to boutiques and resorts, from ocean and water views to unique and historic places to stay- there is something for everyone.
  • The website offers information about different towns and regions such as Suffolk County, Fire Island, North Fork, and Nassau County.
  • You can also check out transportation options that best suit your requirements. Discover all the related data for air travel, Long Island railroad, ferries, buses, limousines, rentals, and local maps.
  • Planning your visit becomes a breeze when you know all the exciting things to do on Long Island. Through the website, you can browse all destinations worth visiting and excellent dining options. It tells you all about happening events and deals that you can enjoy with your friends and family.
  • If you are planning a business trip, the website offers venues for meetings, lodging options for groups, and much more.

All you need to do is click on the tab “Book Your Trip,” and you will be directed to an array of properties that you can filter through according to your needs and preference.

The important part about using Discover Long Island for your trip booking is that it’s an online platform made by the people of Long Island, meaning you get to enjoy the best deals and suggestions.

Final word

You can take out the stress from planning your trip to Long Island by booking it through Discover Long Island. This way, you can make the most out of your vacation time without worrying about the nitty-gritty details of planning the perfect getaway.


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