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This is Long Island Media had the privilege of teaming up with the National Supplier Diversity Institute for a day for sports and clean energy education. Sports Power Clean Energy meets youth and families where they are to ensure an equitable clean energy future for all. This installment of Sports Power Clean Energy was powered by Vineyard Offshore.

Bringing the community together to experience the power of clean energy while playing their favorite sports!

A program that includes a wide range of activities, from basketball and soccer tournaments to educational seminars about renewable energy. Special guests included students from local schools who participated in energized drills, alongside former college athletes and some of Long Islands’ leading entrepreneurs and educators. 

With the help of Vineyard Offshore and the National Supplier Diversity Institute (NSDI), a day of fun was provided!

Behind the Numbers

Perceptive: By the time we accomplish our interim greenhouse gas emission reduction target of 40% by 2030, Sports Power Clean Energy’s participating youth will be 17 – 22 years old.

By the time we reach an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 the youth that attended Sports Power Clean Energy will be between the ages of 37 – 42.

The program allows parents to work without worrying about childcare for that day; moreover, it showcased local small businesses that provided a variety of services as part of their supplier diversity initiative. Overall, this was an inspiring opportunity for all ages – especially adolescents – to expand their horizons two things they haven’t seen before.

Sports Power Clean Energy lives in supplier diversity. Local small/diverse businesses provided a majority of goods and services to provide this opportunity to the community.

Did You Know?

84% of youth ages 6 – 15 participate in youth sports during the course of a year. Source: President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition Science Board. 

For school-aged youth especially as they enter adolescents, their circles of influence (besides digital media) are heavily impacted by peers and non-related adults within their areas of interest. This makes sports such a critical pathway to influence children’s and teens’ future aspirations. 

Sports Power Clean Energy meets youth and families where they are. Our clean-energy education sessions expose youth, coaches, and parents to clean-energy lifestyles and careers. Immediately after completing their hands-on clean energy projects, participating youth engage in professionally coached sports practices, camps, and clinics.

Youth sports are a trusted and effective pathway to integrating clean energy education and career opportunities. At the end of each session, every family is provided offshore wind workbooks to continue learning at home.

Representation is Key

Sports Power Clean Energy guarantees the inclusive representation of underrepresented and under-resourced (environmental justice) communities. These same communities report higher rates of food insecurity, economic hardship, health disparities, childcare deserts, and equitable employment opportunities.

By offering a safe, inspirational environment to unite communities under the umbrella of clean energy (which encompasses offshore wind) Sports Power Clean Energy is taking a comprehensive approach to achieve our mission – expanding existing educational and career pathways in the industry. We are passionate about creating opportunities that inspire people to pay forward what they have learned, as well as become the teachers of the next generation.

Sports Power Clean Energy is committed to providing a strong foundation for everyone in our community and beyond so that we can all become stewards of the environment and advocates for clean-energy solutions. Transforming communities into sustainability leaders! Using sports as a tool to promote clean energy education and careers throughout the world.

Local Business

In attendance were some of New York’s leading entrepreneurs, educators, non-profits, and community leaders. Chief Executive Officer in Education Management at The Innovative Daycare Corp, Janna Rodriguez. Renita & William Certain founders of Spin the Yard. Deidre Helberg, Pres. & CEO / Helberg Electrical Supply. Clifford Exil, Owner/CEO of JetEx Mechanical, LLC. The Wilkinz Group, as well as Educator Marj Issapour. All played a big role in the educational component of the day.

National Supplier Diversity Institute

The National Supplier Diversity Institute is committed to providing equal access to education and resources, representing underrepresented communities, creating a platform for youth sports, and inspiring others through clean energy initiatives. The National Supplier Diversity Institute is a supplier diversity training network that advances capacity building for small/diverse business sellers and public-private buyers.

About Vineyard Offshore

Vineyard Offshore brings industry-leading experience to every phase of offshore wind project development– from conception and design to permitting, finance and construction. Our team delivers clean, renewable, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective projects that maximize job creation and investment opportunities for local communities.

Thank you

Special recognition to our community partners Spin the Yard Equity + Environmental Justice Center and media partner This is Long Island Media the over dozen offshore wind small/diverse business leaders that shared their experiences and words of wisdom.

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