Long Island’s Next Windfall: How Offshore Wind Will Lead to a New Energy Sector

The world is segueing into green energy solutions amid the many crises at hand where fossil fuels are not stacking up. The hardest hit is the every day consumer, with rocketing gas prices that have people dreading their time at the pumps more than ever. And even as electric vehicles become more mass produced and mainstream, the solution to power them still requires the creation of energy using the same means of burning fuels. Not every place on Earth gets the consistent sunshine needed to make solar a viable solution, like in Long Island where the winters are dark and cold, exactly when people need light and heat the most. 

But there is another solution. Instead of burning gas, we can depend on the gaseous air we already have present that blows through our hair. But that raises another concern: where to put windmills? Power generating windmills are huge, and the facilities to draw power from them need to be woven into existing infrastructure. Not to mention there are some unnatural wind blockers in New York’s skyline that keep the breeze from flowing. But off Long Island’s coast, there are no buildings, just wide open space and high winds. 

Offshore wind energy is already a solution that’s in development with several major power stations under development to turn the open ocean into a source of power. Long Island has an expansive coastline to take advantage of. These wind turbines won’t be in the way of any oceangoing traffic, and will provide clean and efficient energy at all times of the year, more reliably than solar could in this northerly part of the country. 

And that’s going to mean cheaper energy all around. More energy solutions on the grid means more competition. New Yorkers from the city and all along the coast will have the most immediate access to this new power source which can work even in the winter. It’ll lead to less overall petroleum products used in energy which can then be used for powering cars instead, to lighten the constant burden that’s present at gas stations across the state. 

These offshore turbines will need crews to maintain them, regular checkups and surveillance as well as power station staff to distribute the collected power to the appropriate places. New power solutions means new energy sector job openings, and the closer the headquarters the better. Long Island can be set up to host any number of offshore wind companies to take advantage of the owned ocean real estate. The green energy subsidies can even improve the housing market, making it more affordable for people to expand eastward out of the city and into the Long Island suburbs, leading to a bigger and healthier economy.

New energy, new projects, new jobs; an era of new for the old countryside along the shores. That’s what offshore wind farms can offer. The detractors will raise points about spoiling the natural beauty, that looking out along the coast just to see some windmills might ruin their enjoyment of the coast. But it’s a long coast, and a wide open ocean. The power that comes from wind farms is far more of a raise to the land’s value than the appearance. And it’s not just above the water where wind matters, but below. As installations are planned, the option for tidal power – turbines powered by the constant push and pull of the ocean water – also opens up. 

As we reach for energy independence, and a break from fossil fuels, we need look no further than the wind to guide us.

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