That Meetball Place: For all Your Meatball Cravings

With its expansive history, Long Island has a large smattering of cuisines that have taken root in the area. And since it’s extremely popular with tourists, it’s obvious that the island would be filled with restaurants of so many varieties one can hardly keep count.

There’s seafood, Caribbean, Greek, and Italian. There’s food for everyone, no matter your preference. You’ll even find increasingly popular establishments centered around one dish which have popped up all over Long Island, from mussels and lobsters to pasta or even rum.

And one such quaint little place is That Meetball Place, where all your meatball dreams come true. Who would’ve imagined that we would one day get an entire restaurant focused solely on meatballs?

But one thing is to be sure; it doesn’t disappoint. The place has taken a familiar site at family dinners and runs with the theme of providing a comfortable, pleasant environment where you can relax and have a good time. As their motto says, it’s ‘ a place to meet and have a ball.’

Here are three reasons you should visit:

The rustic aesthetic

Keeping their central dish in mind, the owners have done a good job of turning the restaurant into a place that brings lively families and rowdy friends into mind. The place embodies a rustic aesthetic with an airy environment and exposed brick walls. Their Patchogue location, in particular, boasts a wall made of reclaimed wood from a Pennsylvanian barn.

Add to that the long communal wooden tables, live music, and cheerful atmosphere give off a bare feeling. It becomes the place where you would want to go back even if the food wasn’t amazing. The environment is probably Meetball Place’s biggest charm.

The very good meatballs

Obviously. What good is a meatball’s place if the meatballs aren’t out of this world? It puts a funky spin on the family’s favorite dish. The extensive menu offers tender, juicy meatballs in several flavors paired with various tantalizing sauces ranging from creamy mushroom to spicy Asian. These are served with sides of your choosing, including the traditional pasta or a fancy French baguette.

And that’s not the only thing. The restaurant also has other dishes to choose from; there are fresh salads and new specials every day. They also have an admirably large selection of alcohol and, keeping true to their themes, have more beers than they do wines. There are even vegetarian and gluten-free options. All in all, you’ll be sure to leave with a satisfied palate.

The many events

You’ll never be bored no matter the day of the week. From brunch parties and live music to their “not your boss’ happy hour” weekly Friday event and even an upcoming psychic and paint night, it’s sure to surprise you every day of the week.

It’s a wonderful establishment with excellent service, television, and room for private parties. Having a four-star rating on to boot, you will not want to miss it!

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