Relish the Spirit of the Caribbean with RHUM Restaurant

Nestled at the heart of American history and culture is its most densely populated island, Long Island. The place has everything you could think of: the renowned Gold Coast Mansions, the upper-class Hamptons, over 50 wineries, 118 miles of coastline, museums, and iconic film sites (think The Godfather and The Great Gatsby).

With its fair share of famous inhabitants, including politicians like Theodore Roosevelt and legendary actors, musicians, artists, and aristocrats, the island developed a culture deep-rooted in music, film, and cuisine.

It is a famous tourist city and developed an extensive culture with several cuisines from Mediterranean and Italian to the primary seafood industry. There’s food for everyone around here, and it is easy to be confused about where you should go not to be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a place that embodies the word ‘island’ aesthetic, look no further than RHUM. It’s a Caribbean-inspired restaurant that’ll make all your happy hour dreams come true with its rum-infused concoctions, full-service service bars, and rooftop terrace. You’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the Caribbean, sipping margaritas.

Here are a few reasons to visit this establishment at least once if you’re anywhere near Patchogue.

The Delectable Food

The restaurant is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for American and Island cuisine. The place has everything, from burgers and sandwiches to Taco Tuesdays. And in true Long Island fashion, there are eye-popping seafood entrees like Soy and Sugarcane Salmon and Caribbean Mahi.

The restaurant also has vegetarian and vegan-friendly options and a separate Lil Islanders menu for children to choose from.

The Full-Service Bar

While it can also serve as a family-friendly establishment, its name is pretty much self-explanatory in that you’re going to find a lot of alcohol there. It does have not one but two full-service bars on separate floors.

With specials like Mojito Monday, Margarita Monday, and Happy Hour Weekdays, if you’re a fan of refreshing island drinks, you’re not going to want to miss this place.

The Chill Environment

You’ll relax even if you don’t want to. With a bright and lively ambiance, it does its best to make you forget your worries. The restaurant has a three-level space, one for table seating and gatherings, one full dining room with private spaces, and a third rooftop terrace.

The upper and lower levels have the bars if you’re wondering. It opens at 11:00 am every day, so it’s the perfect choice for brunches and lunches. It embodies taking it slow and relaxing for once, as the owner David Hersh said, “…eat some great food, sip some rum and have some laughs….”

The restaurant also has excellent service, with outdoor and indoor seating, wheelchair accessibility, and several options for food; its doors are open to anyone looking to have a good time.

With a 4.0-star rating on, it’s one of the top-rated restaurants in the area and a favorite among locals and tourists alike, so make sure to visit!

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