A Review of the Long Island Association

The Long Island Association, also known as LIA, is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that works towards developing the business community. Since the association is Long Island’s chamber of commerce, it aims to build a brighter future for Long Island through economic development and regional leadership.

The Role of LIA in Economic Growth

This non-profit business organization works at the grass-root level to engage policymakers and address important issues that impact the growth and vitality of Long Island. In addition, the association uses strong networking skills to encourage and promote the growth of different businesses within the region.

Formed in 1926, LIA has strived for the progress and stability of Long Island’s economy and business community. The association focuses on specific elements to achieve its overall goals. 

Here are a few focus areas that LIA supports and encourages through its endeavors.

  • Sustaining business growth and operations has been challenging for owners following the pandemic. LIA constantly makes efforts to revive the economy and extend support to businesses so they may mitigate any negative impact of the pandemic.
  • Small businesses make up to 90% of all businesses on Long Island. Therefore, LIA encourages their growth in hopes of boosting the overall economy.
  • Any business is as strong as its workforce. Hence, to attract and retain young professionals, LIA supports policies that address basic concerns of affordability. 
  • Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of LIA, which can be seen from the cross-section of the association’s stakeholders. All the efforts made by the organization are for the benefit of the people, irrespective of any differences between them.
  • An economy can boom only if it has the basic infrastructure required for growth. Realizing the importance of structure, LIA encourages the modernization of roads, public transit networks, bridges, broadband, sewer, and water systems.
  • As the business world is engulfed by modern technology and innovation, LIA actively uses its research and development resources to propose creative solutions to pressing problems.
  • Last but not least, LIA plays an integral role in developing clean energy to reduce Long Island’s carbon footprint and safeguard the environment.

Accomplishments of LIA

After working for almost a century, LIA has brought about many positive changes for Long Island’s community. If we look at their accomplishments over the past ten years, the association has successfully secured more than $7.5 billion for the region’s economic development.

In addition, their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic are commendable, considering that LIA came through as a leader in securing relief for businesses that were adversely affected during the time.

Current Focus Areas

LIA currently has eight strategic committees that further the mission of the association. These include:

  • Economic development and infrastructure committee
  • Energy and environment committee
  • Financial services and tax policy committee
  • Health, education, and not-for-profit committee
  • Manufacturing and trade committee
  • Off-shore wind committee
  • Small and mid-sized business committee
  • Young professionals committee

Final Word

The Long Island Association has played an important role in leading and unifying the region to promote economic growth. They have improved the overall business climate in the region and strived to make Long Island an ideal place to live and work.

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