Does the Bay Shore Bean have the best coffee on Long Island?

Nothing can beat the taste of freshly brewed delicious coffee. But where can you find the best coffee on Long Island? Whether you live in the vicinity or visiting the beautiful neighborhood, Bay Shore Bean is known for serving the most authentic and delicious cup of coffee!

While the first most important thing a coffee shop must-have is great coffee, there are other things that add to the overall customer experience. The Babylon Bean Coffee House is the favorite hangout for coffee connoisseurs. From live music and open mic to free wireless internet and psychic readings, the coffee shop offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can wind down and have a good time.

Let’s find out more about Bay Shore Bean and what it has to offer.

Bay Shore Bean’s exciting Menu

Babylon Bean Coffee Shop serves its customers fair-trade coffee beans imported from different parts of the world but roasted locally. You can order freshly brewed coffee or buy a variety of coffee beans from the store. They offer an enticing array of coffee bean flavors, including hazelnut, French roast, Hawaii Kona Xtra fancy, Ethiopia Longberry Harrar, Sumatra Mandheling, etc. 

The menu at Bay Shore Bean isn’t limited to coffee only, but they also have various freshly brewed hot beverages for its customers. You can order Matcha latte, breve, hot cocoa, and organic teas, among many other delectable options.

Bay Shore Bean also serves ice-cold beverages such as iced chai latte, Americano, Italian soda, and organic orange juice. For people who prefer healthy drink alternatives, they offer smoothies that you can add a multi-vitamin to for a much-needed boost of energy.

And let’s not forget their mouth-watering food offerings such as sandwiches, wraps, bagels, and much more.

The story of Babylon Bean Coffee

The owner and master coffee roaster of Bay Shore Bean, Sal, reopened the shop in 2010 with a revamped look and menu. His aim was to create a comfortable spot for visitors that offered a grander customer experience than an ordinary coffee shop.

Sal’s vision resonated with his patrons, who soon became like family. They donated board games and books that added to the coffee shop’s personality. Sal also invited local artists to perform at the Bean to encourage the feeling of inclusivity and belonging. 

The coffee shop is now the center of downtown’s nightlife and attracts groups of people looking for a respite away from work.

Why people love Bay Shore Bean

The Bay Shore Bean is a popular coffee shop among locals. Customers keep coming back for their delicious menu with steaming hot, freshly brewed coffee. The shop’s ambiance is warm and cozy, which makes you feel welcomed instantly.

Moreover, customers appreciate the courteous and friendly staff at Bay Shore that make their visit worthwhile. From stellar customer service and great music to cozy comforts and the finest espresso beans, Babylon Bean Coffee Shop is a must-visit on Long Island.

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