Aji 53| An authentic Japanese treat

Japanese cuisine has sublime flavors with surprising health benefits. A typical Japanese meal consists of staples such as noodles or rice served with soup or pickles. Japanese food is mainly influenced by seafood, a key element in most dishes. Not only are their dishes mouth-watering, but they are also a feast for the eyes.

If you are searching for an authentic Japanese dining experience, Aji 53 Bay Shore is an option you must try. Co-owners and head chefs Ken and Leo are dedicated to their mission to provide a customer experience like none other to the Long Island community.

Let’s find out more about Aji 53 Bay Shore and what makes it special.

What makes Aji 53 Bay Shore a memorable experience?

Aji 53 has been acclaimed by the New York Times and Zagat for its exceptional food and dining experience. You can enjoy fresh sushi and dynamic flavors on their food and cocktail menu. 

In addition, this Japanese restaurant is known for its upbeat atmosphere that is perfect for parties and hosting events. Whether you are on a date or looking for quality alone time, the ambiance at Aji 53 is warm and exciting.

Located at the heart of Long Island’s South shore, Aji 53 is a treat for the residents who frequently visit the restaurant for its unique food offerings and calming waterfront view. Aji 53 is rated as the #1 Japanese restaurant in Bay Shore out of 8 other options on 

The delectable menu at Aji 53

We know how difficult it can be to find authentic Japanese food that looks and tastes great. Aji 53 checks all the boxes with its fresh sushi, sashimi, and spot-on presentation. They serve their diners a wide variety of seafood to enjoy with their friends and family.

 Aji 53 offers a rich menu that includes soups, salads, kitchen appetizers, sushi bar appetizers, sushi & sashimi (A La Carte), sushi bar entrees, signature and classic rolls, classic and kitchen entrees, noodles and noodle soups, and fried rice.

If you are on a special diet but craving Japanese food, Aji 53’s menu has you covered with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options too. 

You can also enjoy their fixed-price menu that offers a three-course meal at $29.95/ guest.

Why is Aji 53 Bay Shore worth it?

Customers love dining at Aji 53 for various reasons. They serve their meals fresh while paying close attention to the finer presentation details. This, in turn, enhances the overall customer experience. Many regulars hail Aji 53 as the ultimate spot for the best sushi on Bay Shore, while others thoroughly enjoy their one-of-a-kind salad dressing. The restaurant has won hearts with its outstanding service, comfortable atmosphere, and delicious food. 

With delicious and authentic Japanese food on the menu, Aji 53 has many regular customers that keep returning for more.

Final verdict

Aji 53 Bay Shore is an excellent option to try if you are a sushi lover. In fact, it is one of the most authentic Japanese treats you can find on Long Island.

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