3 reasons why New Jersey sucks

There are many things to enjoy in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean the place doesn’t suck. The truth is, there is more to hate than love when it comes to New Jersey. Interestingly, even New Jerseyans would agree to that statement. 

Everyone knows that despite some occasional perks, New Jersey isn’t the ideal place to visit for leisure. The weather here is either too humid or too cold, making it impossible to even go on a picnic. 

While we can come up with many, here are three reasons New Jersey sucks.

Overflowing beaches

If you think we are referring to the splashing cool waters of New Jersey beaches, you are mistaken. We are talking about the “Bennies,” or the North Jersey and New York vacationers that flock to the beach towns and transform the only beautiful days of the year into a nightmare. 

Let’s be clear on one thing, though not all Bennies are a nuisance. We know the business they bring to New Jersey and how they boost seasonal spots. What we don’t appreciate is the music blasting, kids-screaming, and zero-beach etiquette-type Bennies who ruin the peace and serenity of the beaches.

Not a single decent pizzeria

Did you know that 14 new pizzerias open doors in New Jersey every 10 minutes? While that might be an exaggeration, the quality of their food isn’t. It is very common for new pizzerias to open in New Jersey only to close their doors in just a few months.

Unfortunately, every new pizza spot turns out to be a disappointment with subpar taste and quality. With so many pizzerias around, one would assume they had endless options to satisfy their pizza cravings. However, that couldn’t be more far away from the truth.

Traffic madness

Every time you come closer to a traffic circle, you are sure someone will not know how to navigate their car. It is not that navigation is hard, but New Jerseyans have a way of messing it up nevertheless. Next in line are the toll plazas, where you can regularly witness lunatics side-sweeping other cars after realizing they don’t have an E-Zpass.

How can we forget the obnoxious traffic jams? New Jersey and worse-than-usual traffic are probably best friends, which is why you’ll always find them together. The cherry on top of all that traffic mayhem is the only two kinds of drivers you will find in New Jersey: The impatient driver and The Slow driver. Good luck for the next time you are on New Jersey roads!

The list could go on and on

Apart from the reasons above, there are many things that New Jerseyans wish they could change. One such thing is the property tax which is exorbitantly high compared to other states. The Pulaski Skyway is another ungodly stretch that would fit better in the city of Gotham than New Jersey. As we said, the list could go on and on but for now, let’s leave it at that.

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