3 Amazing Seafood Restaurants on Long Island

Located right next to New York City, Long Island is America’s most populated island. It has an extensive history with various attractions; over 50 wineries, the famed Gold Coast mansions, the elite Hamptons, several art and science museums, and even a long list of film sites that have earned it the title of Hollywood East. 

It’s even been home to several people who have shaped American culture and history; from presidents and aristocrats to artists and film stars, there’s no limit to the famous people who have called the island home.

But perhaps its most prevalent feature is its 118 miles of expansive, scenic white sand beaches, making it an extremely popular tourist destination, with some of the most well-known being Montauk, Fire Island, and the high-end Hamptons.

So, it’s only natural that the island also has its fair share of seafood restaurants with mouth-watering dishes made with fresh catch that every food enthusiast needs to visit at least once. So that’s why here we’ve compiled a list of 3 amazing seafood restaurants on Long Island.

Nautilus Café

Nautilus café is, according to 10 Best, the best seafood restaurant in all of Long Island. It is located on Nautical Mile at Freeport. It’s one of the best-rated restaurants known for its friendly atmosphere and great customer service—most of all, it is known for its mouth-watering seafood dishes.

The menu has everything, with some of the specialties being broiled marinated scallops, jumbo lump crabcakes, sauteed brook trout, and pecan-crusted orange roughy. With the interior being simple yet elegant, the waterfront restaurant is a must-visit.


The most high-end choice on the list, Limani, is a seafood restaurant with Mediterranean Cuisine with a special focus on Greek food. The restaurant prides itself on its authentic food. Taking inspiration from the culturally rich Mediterranean, it strives to find a balance between classic and modern by giving the old a new spin.

Boasting the finest olive oils from Kalamata, freshest local seafood and vegetables, and specialties like capers from Santorini, Limani promises a fine-dining experience. Previous patrons have said that the prices are affordable considering the food, with the portion-size ample. Furthermore, they offer a wide selection of fine wines paired with your meals.

Popei’s Clam Bar

Sometimes you want a relaxed place for a bite to eat without any fuss or frills. And that’s why Popei’s Clam Bar is the last place on our list. Selected as the best seafood restaurant by News 12, it is where to go if you want delicious seafood and a good time. Located on Wantagh Avenue in Bethpage, their official page describes the restaurant as a family-owned business running for over 30 years.

With a laidback, family-friendly atmosphere, the restaurant has menu items like calamari, shrimp, lobsters, and crab legs with separate options for those with other preferences and a selection of wines and martinis. It is perfect for a night out with your family and friends.

Of course, these aren’t the only good seafood restaurants on Long Island, since it has no shortage of fresh catch, but we hope you enjoyed this list of three of its best.

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